The 2019 Ford EcoSport is Not Your Typical Compact Crossover!

Manty of us might have our own ideas of what a sport utility vehicle is, with some people believing in the image of them as bulky, harder to manipulate, and impractical thanks to their gas-guzzling engines. The Ford EcoSport works to put aside that reputation and focus on providing a spacious and convenient ride that its drivers can feel good about as they take on the daily commute, saving fuel and time in the process. This compact crossover SUV was made for a variety of different uses and just might benefit your daily drive, so check out our new Ford EcoSport inventory here at Tasca Ford Berlin and find yours today!

Built to Save and Provide!

Some of us need a good SUV for our bigger goals in mind, while some of us just appreciate the feel and versatility of a good off-roading car, there is nothing wrong with either! However, the right SUV for your needs ought to be as practical as it can be, which is where the Ford EcoSport comes in with its fuel-saving engine and drive train. Unlike many other SUVs, which belch out excess fuel and carbon at every stop light, the Ford EcoSport saves fuel by shutting ff the engine when stopping and resuming it again upon acceleration. Its engine is also designed to save long-term fuel consumption by regulating the amount of air the engine takes in and blending it with the fuel to ensure the engine uses fuel more conservatively. Combined with its adaptable suspension and available intelligent four-wheel drive, and you have got yourself a compact SUV that can take on a variety of road surfaces with confidence, saving fuel along the way, and ensuring that you can reach your destination with ease.

Check One Out in Berlin Today!

If the Ford EcoSport sounds like your next new SUV, then schedule a test drive by dropping our sales team a line or calling us here at Tasca Ford Berlin! We look forward to meeting you!

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