Hit the Road with the 2024 Ford Mustang Global Gallop

A brand new 2024 Ford Mustang on a road with mountains in the background.

The Ford Mustang, an emblem of automotive freedom and performance, is celebrating its 60th anniversary with the launch of the “Ford Mustang Global Gallop”. This global event underscores the Mustang’s widespread appeal and introduces the all-new seventh-generation model. Here’s how Ford is marking this milestone with a unique blend of tradition and innovation. 

A Legacy Spanning Six Decades

For 60 years, the Ford Mustang has been a prominent presence on international roads and racetracks, symbolizing the thrill of driving across diverse landscapes. As it reaches its 60th year, the Mustang continues to captivate drivers worldwide, available in 85 markets and sold on six continents. This iconic car has become a familiar sight everywhere from the bustling streets of Sydney and Madrid to the scenic routes in Rio de Janeiro. 

Introducing the Seventh-Generation Mustang

2024 marks the arrival of the seventh-generation Mustang, which is being celebrated worldwide. This new iteration promises to enhance the Mustang’s renowned characteristics of power, style, and sheer driving pleasure. Accompanying the traditional Mustang in Ford’s lineup is the Mustang Mach-E, an electric variant that offers the instant torque and zero emissions that modern drivers appreciate. 

A woman driving her new 2024 Ford Mustang.

The Ford Mustang Global Gallop

In a tribute to its enduring legacy, Ford has launched the Ford Mustang Global Gallop, involving 60 journalists, content creators, and Mustang ambassadors from around the globe. These participants are tasked with a simple yet exciting challenge: to drive a Mustang to an epic location of their choosing. This event highlights the Mustang’s inherent strength—a car made for the open road, designed to deliver emotion-filled experiences for those eager to see what lies beyond the next bend. 

Adventures Await

The possibilities for these Mustang journeys are as limitless as the imaginations of the ambassadors. From traversing the historic Route 66 in a Mustang Convertible in North America to tackling the winding roads of the Transfăgărășan highway in Romania in a Mustang Dark Horse, each trip promises to be a unique celebration of the Mustang spirit. Participants like Andy To, Lauren Stoney, and Uma Leoni, among others, will showcase the versatility and thrill of Mustang driving. 

Join the Celebration

Mustang enthusiasts can follow the adventures using hashtags #FordMustangGG and #Mustang60 or even participate by sharing their own Mustang journeys. As the year progresses, Ford will share highlights and stories from these epic road trips, culminating in a comprehensive recap of the Ford Mustang Global Gallop as the 60th anniversary celebration concludes. 

Two friends at a racetrack with their new 2024 Ford Mustang.

This year is not just another anniversary but a reaffirmation of the Mustang’s global appeal and a testament to its role in shaping the automotive landscape. Whether it’s the roar of the engine or the sleek silhouette passing by, the Mustang continues to be more than just a car; it’s a journey, an experience, a true global icon. 



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